A Quick Hello

Open the door to SERIOUSLY good cake.

Crunchy-topped, fudgy-centred brownies, hand crafted to order with thoughtful ingredients. We're a proudly independent Bristol bakery, delivering cake-based happiness all over the UK.

  • The world's FUDGIEST brownies (no, really - just take a look at our reviews!)
  • HUGE portions. 8 brownies = a whole 2 kilograms of cake!
  • Carefully sourced, quality ingredients
  • Next-day dispatch (or on a day of your choice)
  • Beautiful, gift-ready packaging
  • 200+ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ customer reviews and counting!

I launched Chaos Makes Cake at the end of 2021, after many years (decades!) of hoping and planning to - one day - run my own food thing.

Our little bakery was born out of desperation, really.

Despair at the endless stream of cakes, cookies and desserts that would make their way out of my kitchen every day, despite there only being two of us to eat them.

At the always-on oven, the bursting cupboards, the piles of recipe magazines that were (and are still!) a permanent fixture in my living room. The endless food podcasts, food shows, food chat, food.

I love food - cakes, in particular - beyond measure.

As a natural next step to a lifetime of cooking and working in the food industry - with 2 years spent working for a food magazine, 3 years doing marketing for HelloFresh, and 5 years baking up fondants au chocolat, pistachio soufflés and crèpes Suzette in one of Raymond Blanc's restaurants - I decided it was time to go for it.

Have a shot at turning my dream - a cake shop for people that know and really love good cake - into reality.

So I jumped in head-first.

Terrifying, really. 

But every happy customer reminds us that seriously good cake can bring joy to someone's day, no matter what else might be going on - and that's why we're here.

Enough chat - the cakes are something else. Give them a try!

- Ines